Week 7 – To will or not to will

This has been an interesting week. Some good progress, but also a tough week, with energy levels lower than the past 6 weeks.

When we switched across to the new scroll, we were told to read the “wills” again. As it is against my “will” (refer to the 5th meaning below) to mark any book permanently, I mentally removed the wills. The result of this was that for the first couple of days I was automatically leaving the wills out, out of will.

I then started focussing on them, and intentionally emphasised them. This brought the scroll to life. I realised that the word felt different in the various sentences. I grabbed a dictionary (on-line), and found the following meanings for this simple little word

1 Expressing the future tense: you will regret it when you are older

1.1 Expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future: come what may, I will succeed

2 Expressing inevitable events: accidents will happen

3 Expressing desire, consent, or willingness: will you have a cognac?

4 Expressing facts about ability or capacity: a rock so light that it will float on water your tank will hold about 26 gallons

5 Expressing habitual behaviour: she will dance for hours

6 Expressing probability or expectation or faith (my addition) about something in the present: they will be miles away by now

These different meanings have added interesting interpretations to the scroll. It has also assisted me to add meaning to the affirmation from 4.9 of Haanel’s Master Keys “I can be what I will to be”.   On that note I subscribe to a service called “Notes from the Universe”, and I received this note yesterday – “Martin, it’s as if YOU were custom designed to have a fabulous definite major purpose alligned with my needs. It’s perfect for you.” How awesome is this – “I can be what I will to be”.

Week 7 of Master Keys, has been an “eye opener” for me. I really can’t highlight any aspect of it, as I would just be repeating the whole lesson. The “Power” we have is incredible, and we are well on the way to developing it. Like many in the alliance section, I have had difficulty “seeing” my friends face when I close my eyes, but can easily “see” him in my minds eye. I need to put in some hard mental labour as mentioned in par 7.4.


27 thoughts on “Week 7 – To will or not to will

  1. dominica8

    oh very interesting :), thanks for all those different meanings! and yes me too I left the ‘wills’ out mentally, and I seemed to be programmed to never read them, not in other texts either 🙂 I’ll definitely read the scroll in a different light tonight.

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  2. masterkeyrea

    Great job on the “will” word. I went for the evil and googled it “why is will bad” and did not find the thing I was looking for. I’m sure the reason will be clean by week 12. Mark J. mentioned that in the Reading webinar last night. Anyway did you get your head wrapped around the new Scroll??? I’m finally having fun with it and the diet yuck yesterday was the first day to make it all day. Hope you are doing better. some are fine with it and many are having struggles.

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    1. masterkeymartin Post author

      Thanks for commenting Robert, i will do the reading webbie next week, when the time is more suited to my timezone, so not sure what youre referring to. Yes, I love this scroll. I am enjoying the diet, and am more and more becoming the observer. still very much a work in progress. Well done on getting a whole day done.


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  4. MKMMAmika

    What a ride Martin! And i can sense that you are lovin´it. 🙂 It is so interesting to read, about in how many different ways we all evolve.
    Inspire // Mika

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  5. nolajmkmma

    Hi Martin. The English language is beautiful, demanding and testing. As you said “There are many simple words, we think we know the meaning of, but we dont always have the whole picture”. So true. Thank you.


  6. Suzanne

    As a grammar lover (and grammar nazi), I LOVED how you not only looked the word “will” up, but applied it to the scroll. The English language is so full and rich of meanings and context is key, isn’t it. LOVED your post. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

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    1. masterkeymartin Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comment Suzanne. Thanks for reading and commenting, its highly appreciated. I am only beginning to really dig into my dictionary, and am enjoying it tremendously. You are right, that there is much meaning and context which is there to be enjoyed and appreciated.



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