Week 19 – Power


From Master Key System Week 2 Introduction “Direct your effort to a realization of the mental resources, always at your command, from which all real and lasting power comes.

 Persist in this practice until you come to a realization of the fact that there can be no failure in the accomplishment of any proper object in life if you but understand your power and persist in your object, because the mind-forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will, in the effort to crystallize thought and desire into actions, events and conditions.

 Whereas in the beginning of each function of life and each action is the result of conscious thought, the habitual actions become automatic and the thought that controls them passes into the realm of the subconscious; yet it is just as intelligent as before. It is necessary that it become automatic, or subconscious, in order that the self-conscious mind may attend to other things. The new actions will, however, in their turn, be come habitual, then automatic, then subconscious in order that the mind again may be freed from this detail and advanced to still other activities.

 When you realize this, you will have found a source of power which will enable you to take care of any situation in life which may develop.”

From Master Key System Week 19 – introduction. “Of course the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power. What is this mysterious vital force which we call power? We do not know, but then, neither do we know what electricity is. But we do know that by conforming to the requirements of the law by which electricity is governed, it will be our obedient servant; that it will light our homes, our cities, run our machinery, and serve us in many useful capacities.

And so it is with vital force. Although we do not know what it is, and possibly may never know, we do know that it is a primary force which manifests through living bodies, and that by complying with the laws and principles by which it is governed, we can open ourselves to a more abundant inflow of this vital energy, and thus express the highest possible degree of mental, moral, and spiritual efficiency.

This week I exchanged emails with my guide, Claes. You can read Claes’ latest blog post here. The following is an excerpt from his mail to me” I must admit that being surprised by a totally unexpected divorce while launching on a 90 day run has been extremely challenging and I would not have made it a year ago. This is the true benefit of the Master Key Experience and the work we are all doing, while I didn´t want that experience I know that I somehow created it to let something even better to be attracted and manifested. Observing how the continuous pursuit of the mental diet has made me feel happy for no reason in the midst of what I would earlier have considered a disaster is nothing short of a miracle.

I find the level of thinking (knowing  that something better than what was will manifest) in this type of situation, where most people will be grappling with all sorts of negative emotions, nothing short of a miracle.

I am unable find a better expression/demonstration  of power, and I am grateful for the lessons, guidance, exposure,  this wonderful course has given me.

 BE Powerful.


14 thoughts on “Week 19 – Power

  1. masterkeyrea

    Martin, Marvelous, Magnificent, moving at the same time. It seems as many of us have gone back more than just the 2 MK Lessons; Mark asked us to look at. As we are piecing things together to further our understanding of and I use your post “Of course the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power”– I understand this a little differently. Fear comes from the past or the future, so does worry, anxiety and the like. To have this Power touch you solidly. Stay in the Present moment for a few moments. The Law of substitution – we can only think of one thing at a time. Actually the subby can be aware of many thousands of things. When you place the present and all that is round you moving or not, aware of it or not.Fear has no principle to exist in. We have to go back to the past or worry about the future to sense the Fear. .As some point in the mess of so much thinking, you will find, The Power is there, always has been, and is waiting for you to plant some of it so you can harvest……………………….

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  2. dbernstrom

    A great review and reminder for us all of the power of our subconscious as well as dear Claes’ demonstration of it. When I was about 10 yrs. I first heard from my uncle Bruno, that we utilize only 10% of our brain capacity. Bruno was inspired at an early age by Albert Einstein, having stayed after school to be tutored by him. At this point in the Keys, the realization of the great power of our brains is beyond any word I have to describe it. I feel like we are kids who have just learned how to stay steady on the bicycle and realize the distance we can cover in a short time. Awesome post Martin, thanks.

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    1. masterkeymartin Post author

      Thanks Dave. Pretty awesome to have been tutored by Einstein. We are only just beginning, or at least that’s how feel. When I see Claes’ level of Mastery, I feel like a school boy.


  3. masterkeynow

    Our power is within, it is our gift. We only have to recognize it and tap into it. I feel the power now as well and now I have made this self-discovery it is not that complicated. It has always been there, I just lost sight of it along the way, but it’s there in the forefront.



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