Week 22A – Distachments and

This has been a strange week. Not all bad, in fact nothing “bad” as such, not all good, in fact lots of good, but I have not been in “control”. If I’m confusing you, that’s great. Welcome to my reality:-).

There has been lots going on right now for me.

  • We leave to visit Michelle my oldest daughter who is Au Pairing in New York on the 18th (which means two and a bit weeks out of the office).
  • I have a visit from my professional accounting body tomorrow the 14th (this is an important visit, and my ability to continue to be accredited to train accountants depends on a favourable review) .
  • We had a “visitors day” in BNI Thursday past, with over 45 visitors (our BNI chapter has reduced from forty odd members to around 22).
  • And as usual a ton of work related issues to deal with, as well as with life.
  • While trying to finalise this blog post, I received a phone call from my manager informing me that the trainee who was supposed to do an inventory count just let her know that her Dad is being collected by the ambulance after vomiting up a liter of blood.
  • Just jotting this down exhausts me, and gets my mind racing.

During the week I communicated to my fellow Master Mind partners , Reenen and Tobie, that I was feeling distached. Search as I might, I couldn’t find such a word. Pretty much sums up where I am at the moment, making up my own words to describe my situation :???:. I now find out the correct word to use was detached, sorry Tobie for confusing you.

Some of the good stuff that happened:

  • On Wednesday I supported a fellow BNI member who has become a friend , by visiting another BNI member where her company was doing the presentation for the day (Key Note). After the meeting where we all get a chance to participate in various ways, a member of this chapter approached me and said “I don’t know what it is about you, but you have a certain presence, have you noticed that when you speak, people around you are smiling”. Well to say that came as a surprise is the understatement of the year (with all mentioned above , and the way I was feeling). It made me feel really good.
  • The visitors meeting on Thursday went extremely well, and I noticed during the meeting that I “found myself” standing in a Power Pose.
  • On Friday we attended what we call a CANSA Relay for Life. During the evening a candle was lit for people close to us that passed away from cancer. This was very emotional (our receptionist is a cancer survivor, and my mother in law had cancer). The feeling of “connectedness” was indescribable.
  • This morning in church I noticed my wife becoming uncomfortable, and then she suddenly relaxed. She has had a headache since yesterday, the lady behind her realised she had pain, and started rubbing/massaging her back/shoulder. Within a minute or two she had found the pressure point and released it. My wife described it as an “explosion”, which resulted in immediate pain relief. I asked the lady (they are new, and it is the 1st time we’ve met them, how she knew where to massage, and she said she felt the negative energy. We sat in our usual spot, but the “unexplainable little thing” is that the lady and her husband sat right behind where we sit. If she had sat any other place, this wouldn’t have happened.

The first two experiences above show some of the impact this experience is having on my life, even in my “distachedness” , and the second two are an indication of our “connectedness”. Contrast even in the good :idea:.

In this weeks videowe were given Wallace Wattles “ The Science of getting Rich” to watch, and Mark said he wanted us to be self directed and we could listen/watch it or not, it was up to us. I started well, and on Monday got through the 1st 5 chapters. I’m afraid to say, that was that. I also have not yet finished Emerson’s “Self Reliance”. As I type this, I realize there is a message in this.

This quote from Steve Jobs gives some indication of how I understand Emersons “ Self Reliance”


The Journey continues.


8 thoughts on “Week 22A – Distachments and

  1. Dave Bernstrom

    After reading this I am Smiling…… It’s awesome to watch a true hero in his journey… distatched? no, the hero whose post is above is more like” intached and intact” 🙂


  2. masterkeyrea

    Martin, I hear what you say, and know you are the Master at what you do. You express the thought of what is going on and most don’t even have that. As we wind down to the last class and then commencement. I see we all are in our lives and doing so much more than we have ever done. Same job, same family, same house the difference is in us.That difference is huge. We acknowledge the power and yes have some concerns with matters at hand. but 100% of these bad days, these worrisome moments we have survived. That is a ridiculous record if you ask me. So to make things fair for all, I choose not to remind myself of that and focus on what it is I want in my life and move on.
    I do hope you will continue to be communicating with us and masterminding to make this new beginning even greater.

    Be The Master & “Greatest Accountant in the World” and don’t let them see the super hero cape.



  3. dominica8

    beautiful post Martin. And yes I do believe that you really have ‘shifted’, I sense it in your writing, already a while ago, and I’m so happy for you that you now got the recognition of that from those people that told you as you described 🙂 🙂
    and indeed as Robert says: you are the ‘Greatest Accountant in the World’, and definitely with the greatest heart and human insight.
    And that, in ‘my’ bookkeeping, means a WHOLE lot 😉


  4. Dennis

    Hi Martin – just wanted you to know that you make a difference in the lives of many folks along the way – not only in this community but in everyday life. Your journalling of the ongoing episodes in “life” has been authentic and enlightening for me. Thank you so much for adding to my MKMMA experience with your blog. Maintain that power pose!

    Emerson was a challenge for me and I’m still working on Self-Reliant essay this week with my new post.


  5. Master Key Reenen

    Awesome post and you are a great observer, it is amazing how things are happen in our life and when we research or ask questions about the incident we are amazed. Miracles happen daily. Shalom



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