Week 23 – Self Reliance??

This week is going to be a short blog. My wife, my youngest daughter and myself are flying to NY in 4 hours 😀. We are going to visit my oldest daughter who has been Au Pairing there for 10 months.

I’ve had a ton of things to do, before leaving, and have chosen to allocate my time to other matters, (as per an email from Mark very early on in the course, I am choosing my words and not saying, I haven’t had time).  That means I have not allocated time to my blog, and to the reading of members blogs. I apologise to all whose blogs I normally follow for my recent absence. I hope to catch up during the flight. If you see no response, it means I was unable to comment, and I apologise in advance.

Emerson’s “Self Reliance” has got my attention this week. For those struggling with the English, here are some Cliff Notes. The way I see it, Emerson contradicts himself. He “advises/admonishes that we should rely on ourselves, and not the opinion of others. What is that other than his opinion.

This doesn’t mean I regard this essay is worthless. I agree that one should not blindly accept information/opinions from others, but that we should evaluate and seriously consider whether this is of value to us. Everything we accept needs to be “applied”. This is consistent with Haanel’s teachings. Once we have applied the information we are able to decide whether this is of value to us. We need also always consider that the “watchman at the gate” needs to ensure that only that which serves us is allowed to become “flesh.emerson-quote


That one question asked in the recent webinar, has also had me thinking. “Do you want a different life or are you just trying to improve the one you have?” I admit that although I initially stated that I wanted to live my life based on intention and not method, I didn’t think I wanted to create a new life. This totally contradicts Og’s first scroll, “ today I begin a new life, so to state it simply confusion reigns. I honestly thought I only wanted to improve the one I’ve got. I still am confused, and am not able to answer .

Haanel this week was awesome, and the introduction to the lesson, just blew me away.

I am not sure whether I will be able to post a blog next week.

Be Blessed, and enjoy the journey




8 thoughts on “Week 23 – Self Reliance??

  1. masterkeyalangoldberg

    Hi Martin, Firstly enjoy the time with your daughter. I totally agree with you about improving our presnt life or creating a new life for ourselves. I started out wanting to improve my life but now I want a new life for myself. Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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  2. Ramses Torres

    Thanks for the intriguing questions (or are those your opinions, haha). We gain knowledge thru sharing ideas, which could be for the most part opinions or points of view. However if they make sense and forward our DMP we made a decision to accept that opinion rather than blindly following. Great points. Enjoy time with the family.


  3. masterkeyrea

    Sir Martin, Helpful in every point. I went and read some of the cliff notes and copied them all; even the glossary. Your question about Life is a puzzling one at best and the answer is within you alone. We all travel and are ONE, and yet the path leads to a different place, even for those on the same path.Because of the Gifts we all hold. I have restored the being I was born to be, I am still me and the Love and the Good is there. I’ve let the past go, the Present stay and the future is none of my business. So the masters are good to study, we can not copy and be anyone of them. Keep the Courage I see in the writings you make, and all that you ASK for you will receive. (that’s a principle in the bible “ask and you shall receive, Seek…………..)
    My friend, focus on your Family in New York and Love them and give them all the time allowed




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